DYSE - DYnamic Spectrum Environment Emulator

High-Fidelity, Scalable, and Repeatable Testing in the Lab with Field Quality Characteristics

Our DYnamic Spectrum Environment Emulator is a development and test asset that emulates realistic RF environments in real-time to support testing of a broad variety of wireless devices and systems.


  • Field quality realism in repeatable laboratory environment
  • Physical devices interacting with virtual software based devices
  • Digital electromagnetic wave emulation
  • High fidelity propagation models
  • Flexible customizable modeling
  • Host platforms
  • Antennas
  • Trajectories
  • Extensive virtual device library
  • Commercial / military comms
  • Navigation (GPS & GLONASS)
  • Radar / EW
  • Scalable -entry level to 100's of devices and 1000's of paths
  • Real time emulations

How it Works

Hardware in the Loop (HiTL) devices, connected to the VRE at analog RF, interact with other hardware devices and software modeled devices (Virtual Spectrum Users (VSU)) in real time at digital baseband. Each transmitter-to-receiver path is individually modeled as a function of the virtual physical environment

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