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Echo Ridge Is Now A Part Of Parsons

What We Do

Echo Ridge LLC, develops and sells leading-edge systems for resilient Positioning/Navigation/Timing  (PNT), Electronic Warfare (EW), and high-fidelity laboratory modeling, simulation and testing of complex RF devices and systems.

We Are RF Innovators

We are an agile small business in Northern Virginia that provides radio-frequency (RF)-focused research, product development, and intellectual property development to the Government and commercial marketplace. We develop proprietary signal processing algorithms for assured PNT and Electronic Warfare (EW). Our resilient PNT technology employs proprietary methods to provide PNT in environments where GPS (or other GNSS) is jammed, spoofed, or otherwise unavailable. Our cost effective lab testing and Modeling, Simulation and Testing products accelerate product development, fielding, and market acceptance of advanced RF devices and systems.

We Value Our Customers

We create value for our diverse customer base by applying emerging RF technologies to market needs and next generation products. We excel in employing leading-edge wireless communications and navigation technologies to solving real-world problems for our customers.

Our Customers




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Universities & Laboratories

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