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Resilient PNT: Assured Positioning System 

Assured PNT where GPS is unavailable.

  • Independent backup and/or complement to GPS/GNSS

  • Unaffected by GPS/GNSS jamming and spoofing

  • Leverages Non-GPS/GNSS satellite signals of opportunity

  • Military and commercial applications

  • Dismount, mounted, guidance

  • Hosted application for ER310 SDR

Integrates Sensing From Multiple Inputs:

Non-GNSS Satellite Communications Signals

  • LEO commercial satellite communications transmissions

Terrestrial Signals of Opportunity (SoOP)
  • Commercial broadcasting

  • Mobile networks

  • Sources are unaffected by GPS/GNSS jamming & spoofing

IMU & Barometric Sensing

APS implemented on ER310 SDR:

APS Graphic 2.png
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