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Parsons Acquires Echo Ridge LLC

August 4, 2021


Parsons Corporation (NYSE:PSN) announced today that it has acquired Echo Ridge, LLC of Sterling, VA. Echo Ridge adds position, navigation, and timing devices; modeling, simulation, test, and measurement tools; and deployable software defined radio products and signal processing services to Parsons' space portfolio.

Echo Ridge participates in the Rehearsal of Concept drill in preparation for PNTAX 2021

August 25, 2021



IEEE Article Reports on DOT-Sponsored Tests of GPS Backup Technologies, Echo Ridge/Globalstar Participation

May 20, 2020

A recent article in IEEE Spectrum reported on the March 2020 U.S. Department of Transportation-sponsored demonstrations of technologies to backup or complement GPS in instances when GPS is unavailable.


U.S. Army Contract Award for Low-SWaP Handheld Software-Defined Radios

October 9, 2019

Echo Ridge LLC, Sterling, Virginia, was awarded a $12,960,856 hybrid (cost-plus-fixed-fee and firm-fixed-price) contract for purchase of hardware and software development of Low-Size, Weight, and Power handheld software-defined radio platform.

Globalstar-Echo Ridge Agreement Advances New Assured PNT Technology and Service

July 8, 2019

Echo Ridge, LLC and Globalstar, Inc. of Covington, LA (NYSE American: GSAT) have signed an agreement to collaborate, share data, and jointly pursue market opportunities for a new assured positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) technology that can backup and/or complement GPS when GPS is unavailable or unreliable.

ER310 SDR Gen2 Software-Defined Radio

July 8, 2019

Echo Ridge, LLC announces the availability of its ER310 SDR Gen2 Software-Defined Radio. The ER310 SDR Gen2 is a ruggedized high-performance, low-SWaP handheld SDR platform designed to host and execute advanced, challenging RF applications characterized by demanding real-time processing and communications requirements.

Virginia Tech Dynamic Spectrum Environment Emulator (DYSE) System

June 17, 2019

Echo Ridge, LLC has received a purchase order for a Dynamic Spectrum Environment Emulator (DYSE) system from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Globalstar and Echo Ridge Offer to Demonstrate GPS Backup Technology to Department of Transportation

June 4, 2019

Echo Ridge, LLC and Globalstar, Inc. of Covington, LA (NYSE American: GSAT) have informed the U.S. Department of Transportation that the companies have developed and are prepared to participate in and support a live field demonstration of a stand-alone positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) capability that can provide accurate and reliable PNT services to backup and/or complement GPS in case of GPS unavailability or unreliability. 

Handheld Dismount Kit for Persistent, Precision Navigation in GPS-challenged Environments for Military Operations

May 15, 2019

AFRL (U.S. Air Force Research Lab) awarded Echo Ridge a sequential Phase II contract (under SBIR AF153-002) to build and deliver three first-generation augmented positioning system (APS) devices. The units are capable of producing accurate PNT estimates in GPS-denied environments in a stand-alone operational mode.

Echo Ridge Supports Loudoun County Public Schools Science & Engineering Fair

March 29, 2019

Echo Ridge, LLC is pleased to have again been a supporter of the annual Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Regional Science & Engineering Fair (RSEF). This year’s RSEF was the 38th such event and was held in March 2019 in Leesburg, Virginia.


Echo Ridge Delivers High-Capacity DYSE Channel Emulator System to Drexel University

June 12, 2018

Echo Ridge, LLC has delivered a 24x24 channel high-capacity DYSE (DYnamic Spectrum Environment Emulator) test system to the Drexel Wireless Systems Laboratory (DWSL) at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.

Air Force Dismount Device for Accurate PNT in GPS-denied Environments Contract Awarded

May 23, 2018

Echo Ridge LLC has been awarded a sequential Phase II SBIR from the Air Force to develop, build, and deliver first-generation augmented positioning system (APS) devices.  The units will be capable of producing accurate PNT estimates in GPS-denied environments in a stand-alone operational mode.