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Tactical Electro-Magnetic Sensor (TEMS)

Situational Awareness app for Echo Ridge ER310 Software-Defined Radio.

ER310 Gen2 Photo.png
  • Detects RF activity in user’s environment

    • Monitors user-specified frequencies

    • Alerts when detected RF power reaches user-defined thresholds

    •  Provides visual / tactile alerts

  • Stores RF IQ data samples for analysis

    • Specify RF frequencies of interest

    • Bandwidths and other parameters

TEMS image 1.png

Custom ATAK plug-in provides local command and control and Situational Awareness. Custom Android spectrum analyzer application provides real time spectrum viewing and configuration.

image (2).png
  • Recorded signal samples are available for both local and remote processing

  • Sequentially steps through designated bands, captures samples, repeats cycle

  • Can pass information about detected RF to ATAK smartphone for custom SA capabilities

TEMS image 2.png
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